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Smart Site Operations Platform

Manage and visualise your operations, in realtime

Leverage traceability and realtime data to deliver clarity, frontline intelligence and operational readiness.

One tool for all your asset reporting

Having easy access to this information allows for improved decision making, resource allocation and productivity.

Digital and automated data reduces human error, saves time, and allows for quick and easy reporting to regulators to satisfy compliance and safety processes.

Streamline workflows

Execute processes and schedule tasks and jobs from the palm of your hand, while storing relevant data across your assets. The perfect solution for deskless workers.

All your data on hand

Easily search for asset information, allowing you to make business decisions about your equipment.

Efficient use of resources

Improve record-keeping, carry out inspections and dispatch relevant project resources based on the data collected by EZYiD.

Eliminate the risk of human error

Automated operational observability

As your team moves through their inspection rounds, EZYiD automatically captures status and operator performance information, such as worker attendance and task completion.

Convert data into useful information

The data collected by EZYiD is automatically converted into valuable information across the value chain of the organisation.

Gather real-time analytics from the frontline

Multiple users can log-in to the system in real-time, accessing transparent data and using it to implement changes to improve safety.

Seamlessly meet compliance requirements

Receive certificates following inspections

EZY_VRFY creates a digital certificate following the completion of an inspection, which can be used for auditing purposes.

Track inventory history

EZYiD keeps a complete asset history to support audit and compliance obligations.

Be alerted when inspections are due

The cloud-based software will automatically send notifications when asset inspections are due.

A pain free on-boarding process

Switch to the digital platform with ease

Quickly migrate assets from your current Excel spreadsheets or other platform with our EZYiD bulk upload feature.

Unlock your supply chain

EZYiD connects with your suppliers for the sale or transfer of assets so you can maintain a complete asset history across the supply chain.

Access global product catalogues

Add assets from our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product databases to access automatic updates and safety notices throughout the asset lifespan.

On average, EZYiD pays for itself within six months. After that, you’re simply saving money!

Improve the inspection process, by creating digital twins of physical assets, speeding up processes and enhancing efficiency.