Tag any asset. Anywhere. Anytime.

EZYiD tags stand out for their size, flexibility and resilience. Apply EZYiD tags to hardware, consumables and anything that requires fast and accurate identification for compliance standards to be met. EZYiD tags paired with the Asset Management Platform make for a total solution to asset management and compliance.

RetroFit Range


Your smallest, big asset.

Strong and economical, EZYiD Tags can be applied to almost any hard surface. At only 6mm wide and 2mm deep, properly applied tags will allow you to identify assets with minimal operational interference.


Stick. Set. Never forget.

EZYiD stickers are robust and backed with an industrial-strength glue. Ideal for fitting to fibre or plastic objects such as ropes and helmets.


Apply fast. Stead fast.

Just the ticket for assets that are difficult to attach a tag or sticker to. Apply to soft goods or odd-shaped equipment such as toolboxes and power cords.

Hybrid Tags

Unlimited use. Unlimited ease.

Screw, nail, glue or zip-tie hybrid tags to almost any asset. Tag fire extinguishers, scaffolding, tools, vehicles or any other asset that requires a heavy-duty identifier.

Where to buy?

Get the competitive edge.

Embed EZYiD RFID technology into your product.

EZYiD tags have been specially manufactured to be fully functional even after being embedded into metal. Embedding RFID technology into equipment increases inspection efficiency and accuracy and mitigates human error and audit fatigue. Join other manufacturers in embedding EZYiD RFID tags and get the competitive edge on your product lists.

Our portable and powerful UHF Reader.

Our easy-to-use ‘plug-n-play’ RFID reader allows the reading and transmission of EZYiD Tag data to any Bluetooth enabled PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The key-fob sized UHF reader is capable of reading any EZYiD RFID product and transmitting data to your asset management software with one-touch automation.