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Working at Heights

Transform your LOLER workflows with EZYiD’s effortless onboarding and errorless compliance.

Construction and maintenance activity requires a coordinated and transparent approach to minimise risks of incorrect data, delays, loss and theft. Poor record keeping and visibility across the supply chain are some of the leading causes of near-misses from incorrect use and delivery delays.


Remote Access


Inspection Management

Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) for owners and operators

EZYiD Manager’s asset tracking and inspection capabilities allows supervisors and field service technicians improve asset integrity, utility and worker safety on sites.  By attaching our EZYiD tag to your gear, we create a digital twin with usage and history stored in EZYiD safety cloud.

Real-time visibility across your supply chain

Unlock your supply chain

Easily connect and engage with your suppliers or your business partners for the supply or receipt of assets.

 The Subchain Connector allows you to easily invite partners to engage in a secure and seamless end-to-end supply chain or safety inspection program.

Improve the inspection process, by creating digital twins of physical assets, speeding up processes and enhancing efficiency.

Deskless Worker

Empower your field workers to act

Enable your field workers to maintain a high level of quality and safety standards by ensuring inspections are completed on-time to an agreed standard.

Alert and remind your field workers reducing any delays or downtime. Establish metrics to be alerted when asset usage thresholds are reached or breached.

Identify key performers, monitor performance to standards/ checklists.

Product Catalogue

Access our product data sheets

Access up to date product safety data sheets including user manuals, engineering standards and technical docs reducing incorrect use of obsolete information.

Compliance Reporting

Track your compliance events

Empower every field worker irrespective of their location with current or real-time asset information and safety data.

Identify trends in asset performance, worker safety participation and non-conformance. Drill down on events to identify site specific exposure of assets (chemical exposure), inspection certificates and corrective actions.

Task Management

Seamless activity tracking and follow up

Program and coordinate activity across your projects. Enable your field workers to complete tasks and take immediate action when a problem is uncovered during an inspection. Workers can isolate assets when problems are identified.

Don’t wait to receive a report, but resolve safety issues before they escalate.

Assign tasks to the right person with priority levels and due dates. Track progress and plan your next safety inspection to bring assets into service.

Compliance made easy

Compliance with EZY_VRFY

Record all compliance activity in an immutable digital certificate, giving confidence and traceability to your inspection process.  EZY_VRFY allows all activity linked to a checklist to be recorded as a digital certificate for auditing and provision to your client.

Inspection companies can now include their industry accreditation badges on inspection certificates, improving confidence and transparency in the workflow.

Access the EZYvRFY app to confirm ownership and status across the ecosystem.