Adaptable. Scalable.

Rope Access

Retrofitting EZYiD tags to any asset allows for fast, accurate RFiD auditing and usage history. Meet your targets for speed and accuracy of inspection reporting with EZYiD.


Tag defibrillators, remote medical kits, first aid kits and portable UHF/VHF radios. Keep essential rescue equipment compliant and monitored with the push of a button.


Identify active anchor points. Tag tools to help distinguish ownership. Identify assets in mixed-work environments, where companies are sharing equipment.


By utilising the EZYiD total Asset Management Platform be ready in an instant for last minute work, prove to insurers you're safety savvy and reduce your equipment turnover staying ontop of inspection needs.


Tag equipment, armory inventory, fire extinguishers, vehicles and more. Track PPE, record where it ends up and rate of use/disposal.


Zip lines, harnesses, helmets, ropes and more are all essentials in adventure parks. Never miss and inspection and increase patron confidence in your safety practices with the push of a button.