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Effortless. Errorless. Endless possibilities.

The EZY way to keep track of your equipment

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and disorganisation. EZYiD improves productivity, reduces human error and keeps your business compliant.

"With EZYiD our inspection times have been slashed!"
Tamas Kepes
Rope Access Manager


EZYiD is an Equipment Management Platform that Empowers Businesses to Achieve Safe and Efficient Operations

Our frontline operations solution gives you complete visibility. It tells you what assets you have, where they are, who is using them, and when they need to be inspected.

What you get

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Equipment Tracking

Never lose sight of your equipment. Our solution provides real-time visibility, minimising the risk of loss or theft.

Compliance & Safety

Meet audit requirements with accurate, real-time data. Enhance compliance and safety participation with EZYiD.

Efficiency & Productivity

Say goodbye to inefficient processes. EZYiD optimises operations, leading to cost savings and improved performance.